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Eytan Elbaz

Eytan Elbaz
Scopely, Social Native, Render Media

Eytan Elbaz is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Render Media, a digital media company that owns four rapidly growing content destinations: Opposing Views, America Now, Cooking Panda and Watch This. He is also a Co-Founder and formerly Chief Strategy Officer of Scopely, a mobile game producer generating over $100 million in revenue annually.

Before his work with Scopely and Render, Eytan served as Google's Head of Domain Channel, where he grew the business from $13 million to $600 million annually over four and a half years. Prior to working for Google, Eytan was Vice President and a founding member of Applied Semantics (formerly Oingo), which was later acquired by Google. At Oingo, Eytan conceived the ideas for applying the company's meaning-based technology toward domain name selection and monetization, and toward contextual targeting, a product which launched as Oingo AdSense in 2000.

Eytan's award-winning public-service announcements on the subjects of tolerance and bullying have been aired around the globe and are currently on display at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, California. Eytan lives in Los Angeles, and graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering in 1995.