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Corinne Bendersky

Corinne Bendersky
Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
UCLA Anderson School of Management

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations Corinne Bendersky is an expert in workplace conflict, status and justice in teams and organizations. Bendersky’s research resonates in constructive and concrete ways both in academe and business.

Bendersky is conducting new research involving female fire fighters, an elite group with only 3 percent representation within that occupation and “an extreme case of low gender diversity,” as Bendersky says. The entrenched male prototype associated with fire fighting privileges physical strength as a primary characteristic of successful fire fighters, making it difficult for the few women in the profession to garner credibility and see their numbers increase. But equally important, Bendersky has observed, are gender-neutral qualities like intelligence. With recruitment of women on the rise, she sees the need for a cultural shift. “If we can manipulate the prototype so that people recognize that a broader set of attributes areprototypical — including traditionally ‘feminine’ attributes like compassion and teamwork — then they may adopt more inclusive attitudes and can be more accepting of women in the field.”

Bendersky teaches in UCLA Anderson’s full-time and fully employed MBA programs, and in many of its executive education programs. As faculty director of the human resources roundtable known as HARRT, Bendersky engages with a mix of academic, consultant and practitioner knowledge of cutting-edge human resources topics with the roughly 50 corporate HR executives who are members. An experienced mediator, facilitator of group decisions and developer of effective team process interventions, she works with top-tier HR professionals, consultants and members of the media for whom her work within the area of management and organizations has clear practical implications. She says this leadership experience has enabled her to become more “practitioner- and executive-facing,” as she embarks on more consulting and policy work.

Bendersky received her Ph.D. from the MIT Sloan School of Management and her B.A. with honors from Oberlin College.