» 2018 Speaker: Caitlin Gremminger

2018 Speaker: Caitlin Gremminger

Caitlin Gremminger
Special Agent / Counterintelligence Strategic Partnership Coordinator
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Caitlin Gremminger has been a Special Agent with the FBI since 2006.  While the majority of her career was engaged in working Counterintelligence matters in Los Angeles, SA Gremminger also enjoyed two years investigating bank robberies. She has been a Crisis Negotiator since 2008 through which she has been deployed to numerous crisis situations and kidnappings, including Manila to assist with a kidnapping and South Korea to teach Crisis Negotiation to U.S. Military personnel.  In May 2017, SA Gremminger became the Counterintelligence Strategic Partnership Coordinator, where she spends her time collaborating with companies in the greater Los Angeles area on cyber threats, insider threats and national security concerns. Prior to being hired by the FBI, SA Gremminger worked as an Electrical Engineer for a cleared defense contractor.