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2016 Conference


Royce Hall

Strategies to Advance Women in Tech: Game On

Friday, August 12, 2016, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Conference Objectives

The UCLA Conference to Advance Women in Technology took place at UCLA on August 12, 2016 and convened over 300 leaders and stakeholders for a collaborative conference reframing the discussion about the gender and diversity gap in the tech sector. The conference explored ways to advance women of all races, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses in the tech sector focusing on Leadership and Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, and Economic Advancement. We had full participation by both women and men in order to work together on this issue.

This one-day conference included two concurrent tracks of breakout sessions:

Track 1. Fostering Women as Tech Entrepreneurs and Employees in Startups and Small Tech Firms
The panels and discussions in this track explored government, private and nonprofit strategies to foster female entrepreneurship and small businesses. This included a focus on funding as well as accelerators, startup, and resource initiatives.

1.1 Navigating the Funding Pipeline
According to recent statistics, only 3-5% of venture funding is given to startups with female founders. However, VC-funded companies with at least one female founder perform 63% better than those with all male teams. This panel will address this gender gap by exploring different avenues to raising capital, providing strategies to help prepare for pitching to investors, and demystifying government funding and support programs.

1.2 Success Factors for Entrepreneurs
According to an American Express survey, women are twice as likely as men to run a company with annual revenue lower than $500,000, and the average pay for a female business owner is $63,000 per year. Only 10% of the world's billionaires are women. This panel will explore the strategies to help female and minority entrepreneurs not only survive, but thrive.

Track 2. Attracting and Retaining Women in Medium and Large Companies
The panels in this track will discuss effective ways to create sustainable environments in which women and their employers prosper, focusing on the public policies, corporate policies and workforce culture issues that affect the attraction and retention of women in tech.
2.1 Creating an Inclusive and Diverse Workplace Culture
According to Code.org, computing jobs will more than double by 2020 to 1.4 million. However, women and minorities are leaving the tech industry altogether, citing problems with the corporate culture. This panel will explore effective strategies, policies and best practices that foster an inclusive work environment conducive to success for women and minorities in tech.
2.2 Negotiating Strategies: Addressing Gender Disparities in Pay, Promotion and Flexibility
According to the Institute for Women’s policy research, on average, women earn 79 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. In addition, studies show that women are less likely to negotiate salaries or apply for career growth opportunities until they meet all defined qualifications. This panel will explore negotiation strategies and policies that address gender disparities in pay, promotion, career opportunities, and work flexibility.

Intended Participants

The Conference to Advance Women in Technology is a collaborative setting to promote best practices to advance equitable work environments that take advantage of their full human capital potential. We always welcome women and men who want to be part of solutions to create tech workplaces that foster diversity, inclusion and innovation.

This event brings together those most directly able to help female tech employees and entrepreneurs thrive. These include:

  • Corporate leaders and employees
  • Entrepreneurs, startups and startup support institutions (incubators, accelerators, etc.)
  • Non-profit leaders and advocates
  • Academics, STEM educators, students and parents
  • Policymakers and legislators
  • Journalists and the media


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