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2018 Conference Speakers

Filiz Bahamour Headhshot Lea Endres

Jim Davis

Vice Provost, Information Technology & Chief Academic Technology Officer

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Filiz Bahmanpour

Vice President of TV Production Technology


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Lea Endres

Co-Founder and CEO


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Caitlin Gremminger Headshot

Mary LeBlanc

Paul Martin Headshot

Caitlin Gremminger

Special Agent

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Mary L. LeBlanc

President and Principal Consultant

Bridger Val Associates LLC

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Paul Martin

Chief Diversity Officer

Sony Pictures

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Mana Nakagawa Headshot

Nancy Ridge Headshot

Michelle Roth Headshot

Mana Nakagawa

Diversity & Inclusion Project Manager


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Nancy Ridge (Moderator)

Executive Vice President

Telecom Brokers

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Michelle Roth

Head of Talent Management 

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Miguel Unzueta Headshot


Cindy Torsney

Director, Core Vehicle Management Systems and Trusted Processing

Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems


Miguel Unzueta

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations

UCLA Anderson School of Management

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