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Davida Johnson
Managing Director, Organizational Practices & Partnerships
Chair, UCLA Women in Tech Committee
UCLA Office of Information Technology

Davida Johnson currently oversees community programs within UCLA that focus on promoting digital citizenship across the campus, which is having (1) the knowledge and skills to use IT to do the best possible research, scholarship, teaching, learning, service, and administration and (2) the understanding that each has not only individual but also institutional responsibilities for the management, protection, and or availability of digital information. In addition to UCLA Women in Technology, Davida currently has oversight over OIT functions including: 

  • Departmental Practices, development and execution of policies and practices governing the management team of OIT and the execution of collaborative projects and programs across our seven units delivering services to the campus and broader technology community
  • BruinTech, development of programs that promote technical knowledge sharing, innovation, and foster community and professional development amongst technologist across UCLA
  • Digital Citizenship programs, roundtable educational events that introduce researchers and staff who support researchers to tech tools and resources to enable research and productivity
  • UCLA IS Associates, a UCLA-sponsored community of senior IT executives from over 40 companies who share and collaborate on technology challenges and solutions through educational forums
  • IT Strike Teams, collaborative subcommittees focused on resolving or promoting specific IT topics or issues at UCLA
  • OIT Communications, synthesizing and communication of information related to OIT programs, services, and offerings to the campus research community and throughout the OIT organization
  • Women in Tech, development of educational and awareness programs and materials to educate the tech community in order to help bridge the gap in tech fields for women and minorities

Having earned a joint B.S. degree from M.I.T. in Humanities (Creative Writing) and Computer Science Engineering, Davida’s diverse background helps to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical people, a necessary attribute in her current role as Managing Director of Community Partnership Programs in UCLA’s Office of Information Technology.