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UCLA WIT Women's Leadership Council

The Women's Leadership Council serving UCLA WIT is a visionary community of leaders who advise in the direction of the UCLA WIT initiatives across its five pillars.  The council's mission is to bring about change and build community within UCLA and the broader tech community.  

Executive Sponsors:

  • Jim Davis, Vice-Provost, IT | UCLA
  • Lucy Avetisyan, Associate Vice Chancellor | CIO | UCLA

Leadership Council Chair roles:

  • Professional Development – Pipeline Growth and Mentorship – develops partnerships to help educate, increase, and promote female students interested in careers in the tech sector understand and overcome cultural barriers that hinder them from succeeding in academia and the workforce.
  • Community Engagement – develops and executes community and network building activities for women in technology at UCLA, with opportunities to partner with UC Health, the UC system, and the broader technology community.
  • Workplace Culture – uses current metrics to understand and address diversity and inclusion barriers for women in technology in the day-to-day work environment.
  • Inclusive Innovation – ensures the inclusivity of women in decision making process of innovative technologies used within an organization or those who will se the technologies.
  • Recruitment, Hiring, and Development – uses metrics and research to identify practices that present gender bias and new, proven practices and programs that enable women in technology entry and growth in the field at all career levels, particularly leadership positions. Continues helps develop programs that provide a roadmap , partnerships and educational opportunities for women in technology looking for professional growth.  This is particularly important for women rising to higher level leadership positions where they have more opportunity to impact systemic changes. 

Expectation of Chairs:

  • Serve a two-year term.
  • Recruit and lead a committee that meets regularly.
  • Participate and contribute in monthly planning meetings.  
  • Research and contributes statistics that validate the needs for change in the area of focus. 

Chair terms will stagger to ensure continuity.